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25/11/09: Fixed imgsh javascript code. (rewrite with java package)
17/11/09: Fixed imgsh startup. (startup function for imgsh not worked)
13/11/09: Firefox 3.6 Support. Some XUL fixes. Added manifest file.
07/05/09: MaxVersion UP. Firefox 3.5 Support. New option: Default image show mode (when starting FireFox) - thanks to Bård Haveland
30/11/08: Fixed: maxVersion UP. Compatible with Firefox 3.1 beta1 (checked!)
22/12/07: Fixed: maxVersion UP. Compatible with Firefox 3 beta2 (checked!)
04/12/05: Fixed: Some bugfixes for FF1.5
27/09/05: Fixed: From now IMGSH ONLY supports FireFox 1.4-1.5!!! (1.0.x may not work)
27/09/05: Added: pt-BR translation (not by me, I didn't remember, who do it:( ) of the imgsh
13/07/05: Fixed: maxVersion UP
09/06/05: Fixed: Some small fixes
09/06/05: Fixed: Now only "SHIFT+Z" toggle images (not any key :))
09/06/05: Fixed: NEW HOTKEY IS "SHIFT+Z"!
28/04/05: Added: contributors list
28/04/05: Added: German translation of the imgsh by the Jan Schmitte (thanks!)
26/04/05: Fixed: Some translations fixes
26/04/05: Added: Toolbar icon tooltips translations
26/04/05: Added: French translation of the imgsh by the jb marcon (thanks!)
25/04/05: Fixed: Error: m_button has no properties
25/04/05: Added: Italian translation of the imgsh by the Team's (thanks!)
25/04/05: Added: Russian translation of the imgsh
25/04/05: Fixed: Compatible with FireFox 1.0.3 (because "Shift-B" not worked)
16/10/04: Fixed: Compatible with FireFox 1.0
30/09/04: Added: Auto-change of the "show_image_placeholders"
24/09/04: Updated: New IMGSH icons by Vlad Gerasimov (THANKS!)
15/09/04: Added: Support for "Load Images for the originating web site only" (see screenshots)
07/09/04: Added: Autoreload when images turns OFF (see screenshots)
07/09/04: Removed: Updatelink in install.rdf
07/09/04: Fixed: Some small changes
30/08/04: Fixed: Some small changes
30/08/04: Added: Support for FireFox "Update Extension" function
30/08/04: Added: Shift+B switching images on and off (thanks to apachedude)
30/08/04: Added new option: reload current tab after click (turn ON images) on button (thanks to Omar Khan)
28/08/04: Initail release


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