Q: How can I apply on/off setting only to current tab
A: Now I'm trying to add this, but you can use this:
1) Install Tabbrowser Extensions
2) Right-click on Tab and select "Permissions> Show Image"

Q: I want to see a single graphic on a page without loading all of the other images!
Q: I want to load images from the cache!
A: Try to use this extension: ImgLikeOpera

Q: I can't find a link to version x.x.x.x or download link is broken
A: Newly checked in (or changed) release files are scheduled for copying to the mirror servers. It can be as quick as the top of the next hour, yet with some servers you may see a delay of up to 8 hours..

Q: This extension allowed me to place an icon that did nothing in my toolbar. After uninstalling this extension, images would not display at all in Firefox (i.e., would only show the "broken picture link" symbol in lieu of an image).
A: Go to "Tools"-"Options"-"Web Features" and select "Load Images"

Q: I have installed Image-Show-Hide, but do not see a toolbar button
A: 1) Rightclick on the toolbar and select "Customize"
2) Drag'n'drop "imgsh" icon to your toolbar

Q: How can I update to the new version
A: 1) Remove/uninstall currently installed version (from Extensions)
2) Restart FireFox
3) Download and install new version
4) Restart FireFox


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